Motu Iti has been prepared for her long summer nap, at Abaco Yacht Services in Black Sound at Green Turtle Cay.  Here she is waiting by the AYS service well early Wednesday morning.


And up she came.


What a gorgeous looking boat.


Sails off, folded and put away; dodger and all canvas removed; boom tied down on deck; dinghy stowed inside the boat; dinghy motor stowed inside AYS’s warehouse; every inch of the boat – every surface and every locker – cleaned; all provisions and supplies inventoried; water tanks emptied; solar panels stowed; bilge cleaned and dry – Motu Iti is ready and will be waiting for our return.


While we finished putting away the boat, we stayed at a house owned by and next to AYS, with other couples also putting away their boats – couples we met in Hope Town and were delighted to get to know better.   We left on Thursday, on the early ferry.


Then a taxi ride to the airport at Treasure Cay, just a few miles away.


For our Silver Airways flight – almost on time.  And on we went on other planes – one bigger and one not – crossing the entire country and arriving home in California before midnight.  Home.  Until next time.

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