Hurricane Dorian is aimed directly at the northern Bahamas – poised to pass directly over Motu Iti on Green Turtle Cay – tonight and tomorrow.  National Hurricane Center, NOAA:

[Image of probabilities of 34-kt winds]Dorian was recently predicted to hook northward up the US coast, but not until after ravaging the Bahamas – people, infrastructure, harbors, airports, homes, boats – everything in its path.  We pray for everyone’s safety.Motu Iti is located almost exactly at the little white/yellow center of this predicted path of the hurricane; the above is from passageweather.com.  She’s as safe as she can be — which may not be enough to withstand 125 mph winds.  And a full moon King tide with waves up to 15 feet.  All the places we visit and all our friends in the Bahamas are located within the purple circle.

Albury Ferry Service offered free ferry rides to evacuate the smaller islands and Bahamasair hugely reduced its airfares to fly out before the expected hit.

Hopefully Dorian will act as predicted, hook north and not make landfall in the US.

Here are some Facebook posts from Hope Town:
“Nervous…. not knowing what will transpire. Stay safe Abaco!”
Image may contain: ocean and text
No photo description available.
Outta here Dorian,
you can’t become a Bahamian !
Not on any Cay,
you are not welcome to stay !
“Evacuations begin in Bahamas as Category 4 Dorian bears down.”

“All-female hurricane hunter flight crew makes history as Dorian strengthens.  The three women flew around Hurricane Dorian to collect data over nearly seven hours, covering more than 3,600 miles.”  ABCNEWS.GO.COM

And finally, you just have to have a sense of humor:

Come visit Hope Town

PRICE REDUCED – SUNSET POINT- FOR THE NEXT 24 HOURS. Abaco’s first over-the-water bungalows.

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Abaco – be safe.

17 thoughts on “Hurricane Dorian

  1. Nancy,

    I am thinking about you and praying that Motu Iti comes through this. I’m sure you have many friends in the local community who will be impacted by this disaster. My love and good thoughts go out to you. When you’re all able to assess, please let me know how to provide disaster relief.



  2. Thanks. Catastrophic devastation of all the places we love. The pictures are unbelievable. Difficult times ahead for our Bahamian friends. And we don’t have any specific news yet, but our boat is probably gone. Very sad, but it’s just a boat.

  3. Hey, I found your blog while researching the Nicholson 31.
    I hope you guys are alright- I’m guessing the pandemic messed up your 2020/21 summers.

    • Hope you enjoy the blog. Our Nic 31 was the perfect boat for our Bahamian adventures. We lost Motu Iti to Dorian, although was she a strong boat and not damaged nearly as severely as others in the yard. Between the damage to the islands from Dorian and the lockdowns because of Covid, we couldnt return to our boat. We sold her to a relief worker and donated the money to a school rehab they were working on. We miss her and Hope Town, but life goes on.

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