I was sitting in the cockpit, my head in a book, when I heard a gentle splash and then a “pouf” –  air being exhaled.    That’s a sound I recognize — it’s a dolphin.  Nope, dolphins – plural.


Right next to the boat.


A small pod was exploring Black Sound.


So we jumped into the dinghy for a closer look.   LOL, they were looking at us too.


Big dolphins.


And little ones.


This one came straight up and splashed sideways.


I love to watch dolphins play.   Today, one of our last in the Bahamas, we returned to Gilliam Bay and followed a marked trail to the Sea of Abaco side.


Where mangroves line the shore and sand bars bare at low tide.


Lots of little shells.


We walked around the point and onto the beach at Gilliam Bay for one last look at that gorgeous water.


Worth sitting and enjoying the view.


And here we both are.


Enjoying another day in paradise.

4 thoughts on “Dolphins in the Harbor

  1. I love to watch dolphins! Great photos. Enjoy the warmth and sun….we had 5 inches of snow yesterday and schools are cancelled…..again. Time for summer!

  2. snowed here in cheboygan last nite. hitting 50 during the day but freezing still at nite. twin lakes’s porpoise pod can’t get thru the 2 feet of ice. loons and cranes are back but have to find limited ice free areas in channels between the lakes.

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