Last week Motu Iti was hauled at Abaco Yacht Services in Black Sound, Green Turtle Cay.   Up, up she comes.


Then a short ride in the travel lift to her assigned spot.  (Is she beautiful or what?)


Where she is cradled, blocked, strapped and stanchioned.  And her tiller and all her sails and canvas are removed and stowed; her boom is tied down on deck.


The stanchions are chained and tied together.  We wish her all the best over the summer and hurricane season.  She’s as ready as she can be – we just hope it’s enough.  Lots of hurricanes last year, but, luckily, no direct hits.

Inside, every part of the boat gets cleaned.  Every item is pulled out of every locker and every surface is wiped down.  Items are inventoried and a “to bring” list is made for next fall.


Even with our small boat, this bi-annual cleaning ritual takes at least three days.  Mostly we do it to prevent mold growth over the summer.  Finally, it’s done.


All neat and organized – even the suitcases are packed and ready.  Time for one more walk on the beach to enjoy that unbelievably gorgeous water.


Tomorrow we say good-bye to Motu Iti and fly to CA.

9 thoughts on “Haul Out

  1. Safe travels! I’ve so enjoyed all your posts… beautiful pictures and good stories! Now for the fun of settling into your CA home!

  2. Another winter in paradise is over ! Thanks for all the tantalizing stories and photos. Enjoy you CA home and grandparenting 😊.

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