We are in the Bahamas.  We re-joined Motu Iti on Jan. 2 after two days of flights – more of a journey now that we live in California.  We landed in Marsh Harbour via Atlanta, then took a taxi to the Green Turtle Cay ferry dock; the ferry dropped us off at the dock for Abaco Yacht Services in Black Sound, where Motu Iti has been patiently – and safely – waiting since last April.  Whew!!!  Some delays along the way, but we’re finally here.  Up the ladder onto Motu Iti.


We’re actually staying in a lovely rental (with hot showers) for a few days until we transform the boat from a storage area into our living space – no “after” picture yet.


Lots to do – every inch of inside surface gets cleaned.  But the boat was in excellent condition and the only evidence of anything living on the boat in our absence was one desiccated bee.  No mildew, ants, rodents, or water damage.  Some infrastructure needed attention, like our dinghy, the water pump, etc.  All that was planned for, but time-consuming.  Today we put on the headsail and attached the boom.


The mainsail will have its special day tomorrow.   We’ll also be living on the boat starting tomorrow and hope to launch soon.  Good-night from up on Motu Iti, still on the hard, in Green Turtle Cay.


P.S.  Dashing this off while we still have internet at the rental.  On Thursday, the only day of the week their office is open on Green Turtle, I went to BTC (Bahamas Telephone Company) to set up my phone hotspot.  The person there said I needed a new SIM card, but she’d sold the last one she brought by mid-morning.  Really?  She goes there once a week and ran out by mid-morning?  That’s the islands for you – better adjust.

9 thoughts on “Arrived!!!

  1. We re in FL starting today. Happy you had safe travels, too. Have a safe sail to your special place in the islands. Good to hear Goldie s surgery was successful. We re in FL for only the month of January. It will be a long cold winter back in Michigan.

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  2. Hi Guys!!! So super nice to see that you are in the Bahamas! We were there for two weeks but then Ridge passed out due to being dehydrated and his hear drug regimen getting out of whack so we are home for a while while he sees his doctors! Hope to be back on the 16th. we got to spend two days on Christmas Eve and Day before we left! Better than last year when we missed them completely at Christmas! Look forward to seeing you soon! JoAnn

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