While on the hook at Manjack, we dinghied through the waterways behind Rat Cay to the ocean side.  At low tide, we were poling the dinghy and finally dragging it over the shallows,  (a la African Queen) . . .


We left the dinghy on the beach – anchor in the sand above the high water line.


To get around the corner at the south end of Manjack and onto the ocean side, we had to climb over rocky limestone.  We call these cheese shredder rocks because that’s what they’ll do to your face if you fall.  We took our time climbing.


Once we cleared the worst of the rocks, we found small sandy beaches separated by rocky outcroppings.  More beach than rocks at low tide.   Waves breaking into this gap in the limestone created mini-rage-like conditions as the water flooded into a shallow pool carved out by erosion.


These shore birds find food in the sand and limestone pockets.


How does this tree hang on to the rock?   And how does it grow with salt water and no dirt?


We found LOTS of sea glass.  Our most gigantic harvest ever in one afternoon.  Lots of variety in color, texture and shape.  The good stuff.  Really good stuff.


We’re already planning ways to incorporate sea glass into our CA house.  While dinghying back through the mangrove waterways, we found more turtles.  About half a dozen turtles on our ride back to Motu Iti.


In this picture, I dropped my arm into the water and aimed the camera towards the turtle – got it.   And, in the broad, low tide beach on the waterway, more sea stars.  The water is about a foot deep here.


Then a quick sail back to Green Turtle Cay to anchor in White Sound.  We dinghied to shore for more beach exploration.


We found a tiny barracuda in Coco Bay,


And a fun rope swing.  Coco Bay was ringed with cottages.


So we walked over to the ocean side at the north end of Green Turtle Cay and found this stunningly beautiful beach.


See the line of clouds over the water?  It’s the next front.  So we took Motu Iti back to Black Sound for the 25-30 kt blow.  And another opportunity to walk the flats on the south side of Green Turtle.


Where the colors of the water are breath-taking.  We found a crab,


And egrets.


Lots to explore up here north of the Whale.   Fun.

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