Yeah!   An early Christmas present – daughter Amelia, son-in-law Grant and grandson Reef arrived on Donnie VII, at the Lower Public dock on Sunday.


Perfect weather all week.  Of course, we went to the beach.  North, to Nathan’s Bay – a beautiful beach where low tide means ankle deep water.


We found a friendly conch who came out to see us.


Even this fish was curious.


Ooooh, touching a seastar.  Bumpy.


We watched crabs scurry along a rocky seawall.


And we went swimming in the marina’s pool.


During lunch at Cap’n Jack’s, everyone at our table, the waitress and even fellow diners donated bread for Reef to throw to the fish.


The most fun of all?  RIDING IN THE DINGHY.  


Reef even got to steer – with Grandpa’s help.  Fun, fun, fun.

7 thoughts on “Family Fun

  1. How adorable and what an awesome Christmas present to have the rest of the family with you….especially Reef. Merry Christmas to you all!!

  2. What a great gift! Nothing like spending the holidays with your family. Reef seems to be as keen on motors as our Nolan. We’ve been sure to introduce him to the ‘preferred’ boating option – sail!- too. No doubt you’ll be out for a spin in Motu Iti 😀🎄⛵️

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