Every Sunday we walk the beach on Elbow Cay, downbound from the settlement of Hope Town, about a mile to our favorite beach bar, On da Beach.


For chicken souse.   So special you have to order in advance – I think we might be on a permanent list now – as regulars.


Chicken souse is a glorious mix of tender chicken, potatoes, onion, broth and spices.  Impossible to describe and impossibly delicious.  Greater than the sum of its parts.  And it’s served with a huge piece of johnny cake and hot grits.  Yum, yum.  Here’s the view:


Plus, we have this fabulous beach to walk.


Okay, sometimes we stop and just watch the ocean.


And we look for shells and sea glass.  PC036141

With some success.  


But mostly, it’s about the ocean – the beautifully vibrant colors and the soft sound of the gentle surf (calm today).


Miles of sun and sand and that gorgeous Bahamian water.


We extend our walk – up to the north end and back.  Just because.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Souse

  1. Hi Nancy, Thank you so much again, we are so sad to not be able to be there this year because Ridge fell off a low scaffold three days before we were supposed to come and broke a lot of bones including his neck in two places. They fused it the next day and he is recovering really well but we can’t travel for six weeks at least, sorry to be missing our time there and seeing you guys! Your beautiful pictures and text are such a pleasure! Hope you have wonderful holidays! JoAnn

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    • We are so, so sorry about Ridge’s accident and wish him s speedy and safe recovery. Sounds so awful. And we miss you. Nor sure whether reading the blog makes it better or worse. Please let us know if we can help in any way from here. Good to hear from you.

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