Let’s play on the beach.


A whole island to ourselves.

PC216949This artificial reef has grown coral


and attracted lots of fish.


Reef likes to help Dada drive the Albury 20 . . .


to Man O’ War Cay to see the beautiful boats they build – like this Abaco dinghy.


How about a kayak ride around the harbor?


Over to the Lighthouse marina to say “hello” to a manatee.


And climb to the top of the Elbow Reef lighthouse.  Round and round we go.


Now we’re at the top.


What a view.  There’s an Abaco dinghy sailing – and Motu Iti on her mooring.


A wonderfully warm, sunny day in Hope Town.

5 thoughts on “More Family Fun

  1. at the other end of the world in cheboygan, michigan it is 20 degrees with about a foot of snow on the ground. high for christmas will be 9 degrees. winter is here!! half of my grandkids will be here on christmas. warm or cold – it is great to have family together for christmas.

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