The candy-striped Elbow Cay Lighthouse is the iconic symbol of Hope Town.


Built by the British Imperial Lighthouse Service in the 1860’s, it is the only remaining manually operated lighthouse in the world, (so they claim).  A keeper lives onsite in order to wind the light every two hours – all night long.  Light is produced by burning pressurized Kerosene oil with a wick and mantle, then concentrated via a Fresnel lens.  The resulting beam is visible for 17 miles.


One hundred plus steps wind around its inside like a nautilus shell.


On the way up, stop for a breather and enjoy the view – Motu Iti is the middle boat.


When the steps turn into a ladder – you are almost at the top.


Then duck through a small opening,


with an adorable little bronze handle.


Spend some time enjoying the view from a walkway that encircles the lighthouse just below the lens.


You can see the entire harbor to the east, (Motu Iti on the far left and the froth of the Elbow Cay reef in the distance),


and the Sea of Abaco to the west.


Yesterday, a group of industrious elves decorated the lighthouse for the holidays, stringing white lights around and about the catwalk.


And from the catwalk to the ground.


A beautiful sight.


Let the holidays begin.

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