Up top before dawn with my camera, to watch the setting of the full cold moon.


Which it was already magnificently doing, right next to the Elbow Cay lighthouse.


Meanwhile, the harbor was coming to life.  Here’s the early morning Donnie ferry pulling up to its first stop – the Lighthouse Marina.


Up over the harbor entrance, high clouds took on a pinkish glow, heralding the new sun.


As it worked its way towards us, the sun painted the harbor with golden highlights.


The sun finally found its way over the island, clearing the clouds with blinding whiteness.


As the moon continued its leisurely descent.


A gorgeous, peaceful morning.

4 thoughts on “Full Cold Moon–the Morning After

  1. Love getting these! Thanks guys! Was coming but husband fell off a ladder and is in hospital! XO, JoAnn Goodwin

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