We walked north to Nathan’s Bay, where low tide was REALLY low due to the supermoon.


Fun to explore these rarely uncovered sands.  We found live sea biscuits.


And a live sand dollar.  Live because they’re brown and not bleached out white.


And this cute shell.


We went for a quick swim and then crossed over to the Atlantic Ocean side.  Where we found sanderlings on the beach.


These plumpish shorebirds run up and down the beach chasing the waves to find sand crabs and other tasty treats in the wet sand.


Amazing how they manage to avoid the waves.  But sometimes they have to abandon the beach and become airborne. 


Such a gorgeous view.


We returned to the settlement in search of something to cook for dinner.  Like freshly frozen wahoo at Vernon’s.  And his homemade key lime cheesecake pie.  Yum, yum.

One thought on “Beach Walk

  1. Don’t you love to watch those “shorebirds”? They just scurry around! Got your card…great pictures! Thanks for your new address. Merry Christmas!

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