Hope Town’s new Community Center opened earlier this year.   It’s a beautiful venue for theater, music, lectures, and other events.  And it’s a hurricane shelter, with huge thick walls.  Quilters were solicited to craft wall hangings to decorate its huge walls.   My friend Betty answered the call – with my photos.  Here’s Betty and her quilt.


See the photos?


You might remember some of them from prior blog posts.   First Betty and I selected the photos.   Then a friend of Betty’s who was returning home to Idaho had them printed on fabric while she was in the US.   (The photos I did NOT take are the gorgeous one of three Abaco dinghies and the one of the church with red bougainvillea.

Here’s one of my favorite pictures.  Guess who:


Okay, I probably didn’t take this photo – our daughter did.   But I was credited.


So fun.

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