We escaped Hope Town harbor for a peaceful night at anchor.  A short ride south to Tahiti Beach.  (No internet – no blog posts.)


We’re anchored on a patch of sand – note the lighter water.  Easier to set the anchor in sand than in grass – on the bottom where the water is darker.

The next morning we dinghied to Tahiti Beach at low tide to find what we could find.


Baby conch.


And a stunning sunrise tellin’ shell.  Named because its coloring looks like a sunrise.


We were just thinking that we should gift it to friends whose Hope Town cottage is named “Sunrise Tellin.’”  When who should come walking along the sandbar, but our friends.  So now our beautiful shell is decorating their cottage.

We returned to the boat.  The water is so clear – we could see Motu Iti’s keel, rudder and prop.


We stood shark watch for each other while we each went for a swim.  Perfect.  But then – new neighbors, just to windward of Motu Iti.


Oh, nooooo.  Time to leave.   Back to the harbor, to our mooring.   To Cap’n Jack’s for dinner – so we could eat while watching the sun set over our boat.  (She’s the one in the middle of the picture.)


This morning the weather changed.   Not so peaceful anymore – blowing a steady 25 with gusts to 30+.  Rolly.

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