We’ve been beach walking with a friend here.  When low tide is just after daybreak.


Our friend collects “stuff” for her many crafts.  She sells her works of art in a local store and at community events.   We walk because it’s so beautiful.  But we inevitably fill our pockets as well.

The beach is wide at low tide.  And it changes every trip.  This is the north beach – takes about an hour and a half to beach-walk from the settlement to the north end.


Our friend knows all the hidey-holes and secret places where the good stuff collects; and where a beach appears at low tide and disappears at high.


Sometimes we get stuck watching the waves – mesmerizing. 


We find fans, sea glass and little shells.


The walk south takes about 2 1/2 hours.  There are more shells and lots of interesting places to explore.


Here’s a snail trail.PC082130

We hitch-hike back to the settlement – to admire our treasures.  Some shells:


And sea glass.  Can you imagine this as a pendant?


And this as a little sailboat in a picture frame? 


Lots of fun finds.  Plus a gorgeous walk, to the soothing sound of the surf. 

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