Sea life is all around us.  We are sitting in the cockpit of our boat, on a mooring in Hope Town harbor, watching a sea turtle come up for air, dive, and come up again.  The Bahamas is home to green sea turtles as well as hawksbill, loggerhead and leatherback turtles.  We think this is a green sea turtle, found in shallow seagrass and tidal mangrove creeks; it’s an endangered species around the world.


We see the turtle every week – not sure it’s the same one – we don’t know whether there’s one or several.

This morning, Goldwin was on the foredeck when he saw an eagle ray.


It was about 8 feet across, with a 10 foot tail, swimming just below the surface.


The ray swam around the boat about three times – 12 – 15 feet away.  Finally I put my camera under water and clicked.  This is what I photographed.



What a huge tail.  The ray eventually drifted away.  Amazing to see so much sea life while sitting on our boat in the harbor.  We enjoy our marine visitors.

After dinner, we were treated to this beautiful moonrise.


A beautiful day.

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