Winds have been 25-30 mph for the past two days – and nights.  Little white caps in the harbor.


The high winds started from the north and the island protects us well from that direction.  Rolly, although not uncomfortably so.  But last night the wind went northeast and east/north/east.  More fetch for us from that direction, so rollier.   Not so comfortable.  And the sun has disappeared, the perfect blue sky replaced by thick clouds.


We found activities to get us off the boat.  Somehow managing to escape the rain on our outings.

Yesterday morning, when there were bits of blue above, the wind wound our flag around its staff, mirroring the Elbow Reef lighthouse with its stripes.


Last night it rained.  Squally and gusty.  Even some distant thunder.  We need the rain and have deliberately put our flip-flops and sandals in the cockpit for a fresh water rinse.  The boat is getting a good rinse as well – and needs it after the salt-filled winds these past few days.

And here’s the really good part –  the temperatures are staying in the high 70’s.  So far.

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