We got an early start – 8am, to take advantage of low tide.  More beach for beach walking at low tide.  Southbound this time, on the Atlantic Side.   Nothing between us and Africa except the ocean.


These snails are attached to limestone exposed at low tide today.


It looks like this.


And this.


At various places along the beach.  Bared now because its covering of sand has been washed away by storms.

These birds like it too.


Here’s something you don’t like to find on the beach.


Trash.  Plastic trash.  But only some occasional trash along this beach.  Mostly, it’s beautiful.


And deserted.  We found lots of treasures.  Fans.


Lots of fans.


Also sea glass.




And these oddities.


Even this.


We walked southbound for two and a half hours – almost to the end of Elbow Cay.   Then we cut through to the road and took it back to the Abaco Inn.  From their patio you can look one way at the Ocean and look the other way over the Sea of Abaco.


We indulged in Arnold Palmers and Grouper Nantua.  And a deserved rest.  Tough duty to walk on a beach all morning.

P.S.  In the “never a dull moment” category, after returning to the boat to catch up on our reading, we were interrupted by some not nice language from a very unhappy dad.  He was out for a sail around the harbor with his boys when the mast on his little sailboat toppled over.  Right behind Motu Iti.  Yikes – no one was hurt.  Goldwin and others helped tow him home.


Nothing like a little adventure.

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