We love to walk on the beach.  Always something new.  Today we talked north, on the Atlantic side.  We love this view, and the sound of the surf.


What’s this little critter playing in the waves?


A sand crab.


The waves would wash him away, he’d disappear for a while, and then he’d be deposited back on the sand, anxious to scurry back into the water.  Funny to watch.  On his tippy toes, like a ballerina.

A bit farther on, we were at “sea-glass beach.”  Discovered by our grand-niece Ashton during a visit here last year.  And sure enough, sea glass.


Often beer-bottle-brown, green or white, this one was the beautiful color of the sea.


We crossed over to the Sea of Abaco, to a shallow, protected beach – low tide.  The Atlantic Ocean is in the distance.


Goldwin acted as “shark watch” for some local cottagers who wanted to swim off a long dock.  Not a bad idea, they’ve seen sharks here.  I waded in the shallow water along the beach.  Here’s a sea biscuit I found.


A tiny hermit crab.


And a sea star.


On the way back, a large, dark-colored hummingbird fed from a hedge of red flowers.  And butterflies played among the hibiscus.


Another beautiful walk.

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