We think every day in paradise will be perfect.  But sometimes, like yesterday, it’s cloudy.


And then it rains, and rains.  And pours all night long.  In the morning the boat is all clean – no more salt spray.  And the dinghy has several inches of water in her.  Good for washing the boat’s rugs.  I pour in a bit of detergent and stomp around on the rugs, then hang them up on the lifelines; the rain will give them a final rinse.  Now the dinghy needs to be pumped out – with a little hand pump for that very purpose.

What to do on a rainy day after the fresh water has been put to good use?   I know, let’s read a book.

So it’s off to the library.  Still raining.


Notice the very high tide, due to the super moon.  The water is above the sidewalk at the Sailing Club’s new dock.

This is the Hope Town library.   The building is in the park and has air conditioning and lights (when the power works).  A local quilter made the lovely “Open” sign.


The library is open every day that someone volunteers to staff it.  Today, it’s Goldwin and me – from 10 am until noon.


No one came in except us, but we selected some books and I swept the floor.  Lots of sand.  The library is divided into:  children’s books, biographies, self-help, mysteries, sailing, general fiction and non-fiction.  You write your name and the name/author of the book you’ve selected on a piece of notepaper.   When you return the book – there’s no time limit – you cross out the entry.  Simple.

Now it’s back to the boat for some good reads.

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