Our favorite beach bar, On da Beach was supposed to open  last Tuesday.  So we planned to join a friend there at 11:30.  We arrived via our favorite beach walk.


So gorgeous.  Although after several weeks of high NE winds, we thought the beach was somewhat smaller.  But still stunning.


We arrived at On da Beach and found this.  And a man applying varnish to the wooden trim on the edge of the bar top.


Oops, not open yet.  There was some repair that had not been finished.  Maybe next week.  We’ll try again.  Meanwhile, we intercepted our friend in her golf cart as we walked back to town on the road.  We decided to have lunch at the fancy, pricey Abaco Inn instead:  Grouper Nantua, conch fritters, and Arnold Palmers.  Yum, yum.

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