A bouncy, wet skiff ride to Little Harbor at the south end of the Sea of Abaco  — for a cheese burger in Paradise.


Or maybe a mango grouper sandwich – with pea’s ‘n rice and walnut, pineapple coleslaw.  At Pete’s Pub.


A ship-wrecked sort of beach restaurant with a sand floor.  T-shirts and other souvenirs of its many visitors line the walls and hang from the ceiling.  All overlooking a lovely protected harbor.


We toured the gallery of bronze castings by Randolph Johnston, the internationally famous artist.  You can learn about his fascinating life journey and how he came to this secluded spot with his family in the mid-1950s to create his art.  Wax castings in bronze are still being made in Little Harbor, by Randolph’s son Pete.

Then beach combing on nearby Lynyard Cay.  Here is Goldwin’s trail of fans.


And other treasures.


This  is a sea anemone who homesteaded an abandoned conch shell


Then another bouncy, splashy ride – we were completely soaked – to Tahiti Beach at low tide.  Where we found a whelk.


Much more snail-like than a conch.  This one was shy.

A lovely day exploring the beautiful waters of Abaco.


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