We left Hopetown harbor in 10-15k from the ESE – a perfect day for sailing the beautiful waters of the Sea of Abaco.


After a short sail downwind to clear the Parrot Cays, we reached southwest across the Sea of Abaco.  It was beautiful and relaxing.  The boat really sails well – she had enough wind and there was just a little bit of chop.


I love riding on the bow.


It’s pretty hard to take pictures of your own boat when you’re on it, so we don’t have any.  But Grant and Amelia had a great idea for remedying that, which they executed flawlessly.   We tacked back to the Parrots and dropped off Amelia in the dinghy with two cameras – one for stills and one for videos. She anchored and got ready.


This is what she actually looked like (i.e., sans zoom), as we sailed away from her.  My baby out in the middle of nowhere.


We did short tacks back and forth, making three passes while she simultaneously took stills with my camera and videos with hers, holding one camera on top of the other.  Grant actually sailed the boat while Goldwin and I mostly just posed.  Here are three of my favorite stills.




Here they are incorporated into a video she took.

Sailing Motu Iti in Hopetown

Amelia and Grant made this photo session seem so easy and the results are just spectacular.  What a gift to us to create these amazing memories.

Our many, many thanks to them.

P.S.  They have also posted about their trip to Hopetown:   http://velocir.com

8 thoughts on “Sailing

  1. sure beat sailing Lake St. Clair, I am so enjoying see you 2 fulfill all of your dreams that you had so many years ago.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful pictures Nancy. Looks like you are relaxing and enjoying the life. But, tell me honestly Amy, didn’t you have a least a moment of worry as they put you in the dinghy and sailed away, all smiling widely.

  3. What a great trip you’re having ! The pictures are fantastic and brings back fond memory. I have to ask, how have you found the availability of wi-fi ? Friends of mine are on there way to Georgetown as we speak and claim to be having a heck of a time getting many good signals…. Do you use a booster/antenna , if so what kind. Continue to have a great adventure,

  4. fabulous pictures. What a great idea and so lucky that Amelia is such a great photographer! That was indeed a wonderful gift.

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