Part of the beauty of the Bahamas is what you see under the water.  So we went out into the Sea of Abaco on a picture perfect day to see what we could see.

Here’s a purple fan with some brain coral.  I love the fans.


There were also fish:


Here is what it looks like as you swim along. The water is such a gorgeous blue.  I am not an intrepid snorkeler, but when there is so much so see, I no longer feel like I’m drowning.


(The photo above is not sideways; the surface of the water is actually at the top of the photo; I am swimming along a rock ledge and the coral and fans are growing horizontally out of the rock ledge.)

The coral is all so different.


We also saw several rays.  I watched one glide along the sandy bottom, but before I could get the camera ready, it had flapped itself into the sand and was totally covered – invisible.  But this one was more camera friendly.


Our son-in-law Grant is, I think, part fish – he’s such a natural in the water.


So is Amelia.  Can you believe how beautiful the water is?  And Amelia too, of course.


Grant likes to hunt – and – success!!!  He found a good sized lobster:


You can also see conch in his bag.  They were hard for me to find at first because they blend in with the bottom.


But when you turn one over, it becomes the beautiful pink shell you easily recognize.


Back on shore, Grant used with a hammer and chisel to get the conch out of its shell.  First he made a hole between the third and fourth spiral (round of prongs); then he inserted a knife to cut the conch and was able to pull it out:


Amelia cleaned it and she and Goldwin took turns pounding it – conch has to be tenderized, otherwise it tastes like rubberbands.  Amelia used locally made conch batter we’d found at Maxwell’s in Marsh Harbor to make conch fritters.  They were so excellent – the very best I’ve every had.


That, together with lobster cooked with lots of garlic and butter, green bean casserole, and a lettuce salad, was our dinner.  Yum, yum.


A fun day on the water and then – what a feast.  A “cheeseburger in paradise” makes a great song, but I’d pick this any day.

6 thoughts on “Snorkeling

  1. my snorkeling expeiences are a bit like yours; I have to concerntrate past the clostrophobia! And my 2x in Baja were not is this gorgeous water with the many colors of coral!! Beautiful. And someday, I want to try conch fritters! So happy for you and all the fun down there.

  2. OMG, Nancy. This is just stunning. I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am for you – you and the kids all positively glow! You are such a role model. xo

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