It’s warm and sunny.  We dinghy to Nathan’s Bay, a sandy beach on the Sea of Abaco on the north end of Elbow Cay.  Lots of sea life here.  Especially on the bottom of our dinghy.  Time for a good cleaning.


We’ve brought it here to flip over and scrape off all this growth.  Wow.  Slows us down and is disgusting.


All better now.


Let’s go for a ride.  What’s that?  In the water ahead.


It’s a nurse shark.


Cruising the shallows.


Nurse sharks are from 8 – 10  feet long, although some grow to 14’; they are rarely harmful to humans.


This one’s on the prowl for sea snails, mollusks and small fish – they have lots of sharp, serrated teeth, but their mouths don’t open wide so they sort of slurp and suck their food in.


We follow it for a while.


Fascinating.  See a video at:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol4qv4FeSwE&t=10s


Time to return to the harbor.


What a gorgeous sunset tonight!

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