We left Hope Town.  Last Sunday morning.  We’d reviewed the weather and decided to stay longer.  But Sunday morning, we re-decided.  The weather on Sunday for transiting the Whale on the way to Green Turtle Cay was good – no wind and 3-5’ swells.  We could have stayed and found another weather window.  But we didn’t want to be checking the weather like people check their stocks.  We wanted to be done.  So we threw off the mooring lines.


And left.


The trip was easy, just rolly around the Whale Cay passage.  We motored into White Sound and took a mooring.  And then did nothing.  It was like having a vacation from our busy vacation.  No meetings, no social engagements, no nothing.  Read books.

Watch for turtles.



Walk on the beach.



Find a collection of fishing floats.


Look for parrots.


Go to a beach bar.


Run out of food.  What?  Okay, we’re going to have to do something about the food situation soon.  I made bread, salmon patties, pizza, and Mexican (because we had some ripe avocadoes).  I still have some sweet potatoes, canned chicken and rice – and chocolate.  We’re mostly eating canned food now.  We won’t starve, but we’ll have to show some initiative soon and go to town and find groceries.  Although ice cream and Chex-mix is available in White Sound, fruit and veggies are not.

Maybe tomorrow.

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