Motu Iti is on a mooring at the entrance to Hope Town Harbour – in the shadow of the Elbow Reef Lighthouse.


Which puts us right where the action is:  boats running aground in the shallows right off the Lower Public Dock, traffic jams of boats entering and exiting the harbor, and a tug and barge coming through.  (That’s the lifeline on our boat in the lower foreground, which shows how close the tug is.)


And the Albury ferry at sunrise — so early in the morning, it has its nav lights on.


Our location also gives us an unimpeded view of the lighthouse – great for photo ops.  Like the light at night.


And early in the morning, as the moon sets (far left).


But still close to the beach – just a short dinghy ride to the Sailing Club dock, tie up, walk up the hill, and there it is:


That glorious Elbow Cay beach with such stunning turquoise water. And the sand beach itself:


With little birds who seem to always avoid the waves – albeit, sometimes becoming airborne to do so.





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