We’ve been off the grid, but are in Green Turtle Cay now.  Sailing on the beautiful waters of the Sea of Abaco.


Sunset on the hook in Manjack Bay.


Sunrise on a mooring in White Sound.


Now tied to a dock in Black Sound for a 30-35 kt blow.   We’ll go exploring – where’s the beach?  This guy is eager to point us in the right direction.


Glorious Gilliam Bay on the southeast corner of Green Turtle Cay.


A long beach with decent shelling for small shells.  Lots of sand dollars and sunrise tellin’.


We walk to the end, round the tip to the west side and find tidal flats to explore — with a timely low tide.


Here’s a sea star – front and back.



And a tipsy white egret.


It’s been a long walk, but luckily, we find a shortcut path back to the boat.


Here’s our day’s collection, laid out on the foredeck to dry:


What a way to spend a beautiful day.

4 thoughts on “Green Turtle Cay

  1. Thanks Nancy, looks like a lovely end to the Bahamas winter of 2018! Now on to that beautiful little town of Pacific Grove and your new house. Perfect locations both!
    Thanks again for sending news of your adventures!

  2. What gorgeous waters! Thanks for posting all the beautiful photos. Especially appreciative during the snowstorm. Donna

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