“Full moon dinghy drift” was the call on the morning net.  Forty boats meet by the marina at 5pm and tie themselves together:  hard and soft bottom inflatables, Whalers, center consoles, Fatty Knees – all haphazardly joined according to their arrival time.


Passing trays and bowls:  cheese and crackers, olives, date nut bread, various yummy dips, Chex Mix, nuts, salsa and chips, smoked fish, popcorn, fruit and other munchies.


Laughing, chatting, imbibing, as we drift amongst the moored boats.


Making new friends; greeting old ones.


I stand up in my dinghy and yell “wave.”  And they all do.


Oops.  Here comes the Donnie ferry – close, but not too close.


Someone stands up, holding a bowl above her head and asks:  “Whose is this?”  Across the mass of dinghies, another someone waves back.  And a bowl is passed from dinghy to dinghy until it reaches its owner.


Watching the sun set.


Time to blow the conch.


Behold the full moon – rising over the island.


We wander back to our boat.  Following the stern light of the ferry.


To Motu Iti, in the shadow of the lighthouse.


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