Entering Hope Town harbor requires navigating through a narrow channel of deep water.  This is what it looks like from up in the lighthouse.  The freight boat is in the darker, deep water; the shallow water is almost white.


Red and green buoys on either side of the entrance channel guide entering boats.  Red buoys are on the right when entering – “red right returning.”  Buoys on the left when entering are green.


The buoys keep entering boats in deeper water.  But today’s low, low tide revealed a green (port) buoy off station.   Here’s one of the green buoys.   No longer in the water.   Even its cinder block anchor is no longer in the water.  Yikes!!!


You sure wouldn’t want to be anywhere near this buoy – unless you wanted to be hard aground.   So we parked the dinghy.


And Goldwin pulled the green buoy and its anchor across the shallows.  (Note that the green buoy was in about 2 inches of water!)


Over to deeper water.


Over to the edge of the channel.


All better now.  Note to self:  Favor the red side of the channel.

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