We’re looking for sea stars and conch today.  The Sea of Abaco is always an adventure.  First we cruise the shallow waters near shore in our dinghy – see any sea stars?


We spot this one through the “look bucket.”  That’s a bucket with a plexiglass bottom.  When you push it into the water, you can see below the surface, like a snorkel mask or a glass bottom boat.  Next we take pictures with the underwater camera.  It’s low tide, so about 4-5’ of water.


Lots of different sea stars – about half a dozen on this little adventure.  Here are some of them.


“There’s one!  Another one’s over here!”


We try to move the dinghy so it’s right next to the sea star and I can take a picture – harder than you’d think to position a flat bottomed dinghy.


Then onto the shallow waters of the north beach to find conch.


Here’s one – well camouflaged as you look at it from the top down.


So bright and gorgeous when you turn it over and see the bottom-side.


They all have live conch living inside.


This is what live conch looks like.  https://youtu.be/wmumco6Vslo  It’s extending its leg out several inches outside its shell, trying to re-right itself.  Amazing how much conch there is in a little conch shell.

Conch are harvested here – for conch fritters.  Some of the restaurants maintain their own conch farms, growing them until needed.


But we sent this conch back to its peaceful life in the water.


A beautiful day in the warm shallows of the Sea of Abaco.

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