So calm and peaceful.  We’ve just finished today’s meetings and headed out.   Just in case you wonder what we do all day, the Writer’s Circle met today, followed by lunch with Circle friends, then a tour of a “yester-year” cottage called the Albury House (all quite original and interesting). 

Just outside of the harbor, we took a sharp right turn and anchored in six and a half feet of water. 


At low tide, we’re barely floating, since we need 5 feet.   Here’s our anchor – can you see it?  We like to check the set.  It plowed a couple of feet when we set it, but it’s sure got a good bite now. 


So peaceful at anchor.  And so beautiful.  Even with wakes from the passing ferries and run-a-bouts, it’s still calmer out here than in the harbor.   And a LOT quieter.

What a spectacular sunset. 


In the morning, I wanted to go swimming around the boat, but this 4-5 foot long barracuda deterred me.  Barracuda don’t attack swimmers, supposedly, but they sure have lots of really sharp teeth.


Instead, we went for a walk on a nearby beach. 


And saw these little fish.  This is what they look like from under the water – it’s so translucent. 


The boat likes to ride on her anchor.  And we like being out of the harbor.


But soon we’re back on our mooring – we don’t want to miss the dinghy drift or the Fire and Rescue fundraiser, or the …..

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