We walked southbound today, with a friend.  A week of heavy blows brought the waves crashing in.


Sand drifts blanketed any shoreline treasures.  But we found this huge net.


Another piece of it is further down the beach.  The colors might identify its origin, but we don’t know now to decipher them. 

Here’s a large piece of coral, blown in off the reef.


This outcropping is home to tiny snails, outed at low tide. 


Little birds, oblivious to the huge waves, hunt for food. 


A blustery, gray day here on Elbow Cay, but still a fun beach walk – about 3 miles.


We hitchhiked back on the road – caught a ride in the back of a Ford Ranger.  And had conch fritters at Cap’n Jacks.  Yum, yum.

3 thoughts on “More Beach Walks

  1. Great post as always! We are looking at November/December wooden boat mag and think that we see Goldie on the cover. Were you aboard a Rage when Randy Peffer was there?

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    • Goldie is indeed on the cover — his back to the camera, wearing a yellow foul weather jacket. There’s a better picture of him on p. 49. Thanks for noticing. We don’t remember Randy Peffer. Doesn’t mean we didn’t sail with him. First race this season is next Wed.

  2. What a fun walk! The pictures are, as always, awesome. Loved the huge coral. I thought the huge net was a sea monster at first. LOL

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