A low of 64 degrees last night, chilly for HopeTown and everyone is hunkered down and complaining – wearing wool caps.  We were blamed, since we’d just arrived back from the frozen north.  A woman who generally reports on Sea of Abaco conditions for the morning net (radio report of weather) had no report —  said it was too cold for her to go out and look.   We’re glad we have our diesel heater. 


As it happens, the cold did arrive when we did.  A front went through just before we boarded the ferry to Elbow Cay.  Rain and wind.  It blew a steady 30+ that night with gusts 40.  Rockin’ and rollin’ on the mooring – it’s called “wagging.”   A power boat broke loose from its mooring about 3am Sunday night – drifted onto another boat, wrapped its prop, and finally tied onto the nearest boat.  At daylight, the harbor rats went out in their dinghies and cleaned up the mess. 

Our dinghy was stored on deck during our absence.  The high winds made turning it over and launching it too unwieldy.


Although a friend suggested we just unlash the dinghy and let the wind launch it, we waited until the wind calmed on Monday morning.  That meant no groceries/no restaurant on Sunday (we’d emptied our little frig before we left).  I baked bread.


Great for using the oven to warm the boat, plus delicious bread (but no butter).   Heating up a bunch of canned food made a palatable stew.  And we’d brought back lots of chocolate. 

Monday was a beach walk day. 


Low tide was about 11 am, the right time to find treasures.


But strong winds were blowing the sand into drifts (like snow) and any sea glass was buried.  See the white ruffle of waves way out on the reef?


Those breakers on the reef, as well as elephants marching on the horizon, were evidence of huge waves in the ocean.

We woke up Tuesday to a rain squall and then this rainbow.


Still blowing, but closer to 20 and much calmer in the anchorage.  Good to be back.

3 thoughts on “Chilly HopeTown

  1. just got back to cheboygan, michigan (twin lakes) after two weeks in charlottesville and one week in ann arbor visiting kids and grandkids. 34 degrees and raining as we pulled in- going down into the teens tomorrow. about 20 inches of beautiful white stuff on the ground.

    nice to be back in god’s country!

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