They’ve arrived!!!  Nancy’s sister, her husband, and their middle son, wife and twins.  We dinghied to the Lodge dock to meet my sister and husband on the ferry – they arrived first – but  they’d managed to get the earlier school ferry and were already waiting for us. 


Sunday was a walk on the beach for chicken souse at On da Beach.


My sister’s son and his family arrived Monday.  But not on the 2pm ferry as expected.  No, their Silver Airways flight from Ft. Lauderdale flew to Marsh Harbor, circled, “couldn’t find a hole in the clouds,” and turned around.  They landed in Freeport, on Grand Bahama Island to our east, cleared customs, reboarded, and returned to Marsh Harbor.   They arrived late, hungry, and ready to see the beach.

The braver ones went swimming – the water was warm even if the air wasn’t. 


We were just returning to the rental cottage when we spotted a shark cruising up the beach.  You see it here as a dark stain on the blue water – which is exactly how we saw it.  That’s a good thing, not to see it closer.


Then back to the rental for a special celebration – my sister’s birthday. 


With a rum cake specially made by Mr. Vernon at the grocery store, and ice cream.  Yum, yum.

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