A series of fronts with gale-force winds has produced monster waves.  Although the ocean side of Elbow Cay is in the lee of these strong westerlies, waves continue to build offshore.   Look out over the ocean and you see mountains.  Mountains of water.  They move along at the end of the earth – along the horizon – and build, flatten slightly, and build again.  Massively tall.

With terrifying force, they smash into the Elbow Cay reef, flinging spumes of water high into the air.  Fifty feet into the air.


This is a small wave close to the beach –  note the spindrift on its top:  what the wind blows off the wave as it breaks.


Here is what a massive wave offshore looks like as the wind blows off its top.  (Too far away for my camera to bring into proper focus.)



Scores of such behemoths, in an unrelenting race to shore.


Slamming nature’s fury into the reefs?  Or showing off her majesty and power?  

We’re thankful to be at a safe mooring in a protected harbor.

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