Dawn came with growing clouds, but some sun.


We watched the front approach:  sustained 35 mph wind from the west with gusts to 40+, squalls, rain, waves breaking at the harbor entrance.  Temperatures in the sixties.  Boats skating on their moorings – some more than others.  With a west wind, we are fairly protected, but the boat still lurches in the gusts.


Goldwin’s foul weather jacket tried to free itself from where it had been hung to dry —  extending its sleeves — trying to fly?


Then, briefly, sunshine; time for a walk on the beach, oceanside – in the lee.


But waves with spindrift on top breaking just offshore. P2074663


Waves up to 11 feet farther out.   Higher in the Gulf Stream.   This weather will linger for the next week as fronts come and go and circle and sit.

Time to make bread and pizza to warm the cabin; and comfort food to warm the soul.  Hunkering down time.  Reading, writing.  And here’s a new one for us – radio!!!  I returned from my trip home with Sirius XM radio – my daughter helped me figure it out.  And it works!  News and music.  Yeah!!!  Perfect for this weather.

2 thoughts on “Blustery Weather

  1. Weather is getting blustery in cheboygan this weekend too. 30 mph winds with -12 degree temperature. Have two feet of snow on ground. Finally starting to feel like winter

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