It took a while to get from this:


To this:


And from this:


To this, at the dock at the boat yard:


There was some touch up painting of the boat bottom, much cleaning and brightening of the stainless steel fixtures, and lots more cleaning inside and out.  Soon, excess items began to melt into the boat.  And we found “lost” items we’d carefully hidden last spring.  Since we were in Marsh Harbor, we also replenished supplies and tried, but failed, to establish reliable internet.  We also had a chance to meet and discuss world politics with the captain and “boss” of a gorgeous 55’ aluminum sailboat built in the Netherlands – their homeland as well.  So interesting.

Motu Iti was launched (again) on Tuesday afternoon and we spent the rest of the day inflating and cleaning the dinghy; and putting on the headsail, boom, dodger, life rings and person-over-board hoist.

We left the next day – as soon as the tide allowed.  The wind was on the nose – of course – a motor boat ride into the salty waves.  But on the beautiful blue waters of the Sea of Abaco.  An hour later we were on a mooring in Hopetown.


But not for long.  The dinghy motor – our means of transportation from our boat to land – failed us.  It needs a new water pump impeller AND it’s having problems starting; we were able to find the parts and hopefully it will be operational soon.

So we headed over to the Hopetown Inn and Marina.  This unforeseen circumstance gave us a chance to fill our water tanks,  (Marsh Harbor is reputed to have bad water), after a thorough cleaning to remove any scum and yucky stuff from the last six months.  And it gave us internet.

The main reason?  Nancy is suffering from a nasty head cold – completely useless.  She wanted to go home to her “real” bed, frig, TV and – for some reason – washer and dryer.  On Thursday, the doctor was in the health clinic in Hopetown and she now has medications that have restored her sanity and relieved some of the discomfort – but still no energy.

So not quite on a mooring – possibly tomorrow.

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