“Paradise” the man on the beach repeated, with a delightful French accent.  A perfect description of Tahiti Beach, at the south end of Elbow Cay.  Low tide was at 8:40 a.m., so that’s when we arrived.  To walk out on the long curving sand bar that appears when the water recedes.  The surrounding shallow water is filled with sea life.


The water over the shallows is so beautiful.


I love the colors.


We found sea stars.  Orange:


And green:


And star fish:


No sand dollars today, but I turned over this leaf that was in about two feet of water.


And found this.



Here is a bi-valve attached to some sponge.


These three birds were watching the wavelets.


But soon departed.


We found this beautiful little conch shell.


With a conch inside.


Who tried to get out.


To push himself back to his favored upside down position.   (That’s the part you eat in conch fritters.)


He finally gave up and retreated.


On the way back to the harbor, we stopped at Pappa Naste’s for BBQ.  Great pulled pork and sides at a picnic table on a hill with a breeze.  Delicious.

Back at the boat, we did cleaning chores.   A wedding party of about 100 guests was transported across the harbor – from the beach wedding to the marina reception – on the Froggie boat, with island music blaring and the band in Junkanoo costumes.   So festive.   Just before sunset, we set out for Firefly – a resort and restaurant south of the harbor, on the Sea of Abaco.


For a special treat.  Not just the fruity rum drinks and conch fritters (these are made with a sweet corn bread batter).   But this:


A magnificent sunset.  Then it was back to the boat for sauteed grouper and salad.  As an extra special treat, the Lodge launched fireworks. 


Right on top of us.  You can see the boat’s boom in the picture, next to the fireworks.  What a large day. 

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