Man O’ War Cay is just a few miles north of Elbow Cay.  It’s a lovely, protected natural harbor and the home of Abaco boat-building.  We arrived early and took a mooring.


Just before it rained.


Rain is good. 


It washes the sticky salt off the deck of the boat so we don’t carry it down below on our feet.  It fills the cisterns in town so everyone doesn’t have to buy water.  And it cools the hot, humid air we’ve been having.

It’s a great opportunity for reading.


And computer work. 


Nancy has joined the Writers’ Circle; each week everyone creates a story, poem or other writing to read to the group.   They offer support and helpful suggestions.  And they are all so interesting; many are published authors.  Sharing stories is a great way to get to know people.  Fun.

That day, it only rained on MOW in the Abacos – none of the other cays got rain.  Soon it was clear and we explored by dinghy  – both the harbor by the settlement and the one to the south.

Lots of beautiful boats.  This one from Nova Scotia, we think.


Many of the beautiful boats were built on MOW.



After a lovely day, we returned to Hopetown, but not to the marina.   We wanted the privacy, open views, and gentle breezes that a mooring can (and a marina cannot). 

And our mooring at the mouth of the entrance, near the fuel dock, is giving us a front row seat for all the harbor action.  Here’s  a Hopetown traffic jam. 


A power boat was standing off the fuel dock waiting its turn, and also blocking the entrance channel.  An incoming sailboat was pleading on the radio to “clear the channel.”  Meanwhile, from the opposite direction, mega-yachts from the marina started a parade of departures on the high tide.   Then a catamaran decided to try to pass the boats in front of it.   Soon the entrance channel was one big cluster of boats.


We were peaceful on-lookers, relaxing in the shadow of the lighthouse, enjoying the scenery. 

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