This week we helped out at a fund-raiser in Jarrett Park, Hopetown, to raise money for the Abaco Rage.  She’s a Class A traditional wooden Bahamian sailing sloop – a unique national treasure that requires maintenance and upkeep.


Everyone was invited for food, t-shirt sales, and crab races.  Jarrett Park is just off the Post Office dock in Hopetown harbor, by the library – which is being refurbished.  The park is not very large – mostly sand, with a few shade trees and a children’s playground; it’s the site of many fundraisers.  And what a perfect day.  Lots of people came.

The park was filled with the delicious smell of freshly grilled, marinated pork chops – the entrée of the day.  And Goldwin, a/k/a “Chopper,” was the official porkchop chopper  –  of 250 pork chops.


Hot off the grill, he hacked them into slices –  which were generously distributed and enthusiastically devoured.   With sides of macaroni and cheese, peas n’ rice and coleslaw.  Yummy.


I helped with t-shirt sales.  Here is the newest design.


These t-shirts were so new, they were actually still warm when delivered to the park in the morning.  Beautiful.

Also, fun crab races.  You paid $2 per crab per race.  Then you drew a number – which corresponded with a number on the shell of one of the crabs.


Once all the crabs were spoken for, they were set free inside a little circle.


The first crab to the bigger, outer circle won.


My crab didn’t win – I think it never even righted itself.  But we had a great time.

And a lot of money was raised for the Rage.   You, too, can support the Rage:  https://abacorage.wordpress.com/

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