Celebrate the full moon with a dinghy drift!  Thirty dinghies tie themselves together and float around the Hopetown harbor.


Everyone brings their own beverage and a plate of fingerfood to pass. 


When we float too close to a boat on a mooring, someone has to start their dinghy motor and push or pull the dinghy island away.  Once we got stuck on a mooring ball – it bobbed up in the middle of 30 dinghies.

Along we go, singing, chatting, munching, imbibing.  Until the sun sets.


And the moon rises.


Finally, we all wander back to our boats.

3 thoughts on “Full Moon Dinghy Drift

  1. Always loved seeing the lighthouse begin its rotation then add in a full moon….wow!
    Have you met Jane and Ron from Maine…..staying in the pink house? They left their boat home this year.
    Hope you will be passing thru before we leave end of June.
    C & A

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