Tuesday was a perfect Abaco day for taking the Froggie’s boat south – with friends we met on our 2012 trip.


First stop, the Sandy Cays – great snorkeling.


Lots of fish.





See:  http://youtu.be/KyTRnpXrZho

And fans:


Then it was on to Pete’s Pub in Little Harbour, at the bottom of the Sea of Abaco.  Little Harbour has an interesting history involving cave dwellers and a gifted sculptor/artist, Randolph Johnston, who, with his family, established a foundry there in the 50’s, creating beautiful bronze castings.  You can visit the gallery which features castings as well as the work of other local artists.


We had lunch at Pete’s Pub – mango grouper with peas n’ rice and coleslaw.  And a Lil’ Harbour Blaster for fun.


As we left the harbor, we spotted a dozen turtles – swimming, coming up for air, diving again.  On our trip back to Hopetown, we stopped at Tilloo Bank – a sandy shoal with lots of conch, sand dollars and sea biscuits.




All in all, a perfect day – shared with friends, and an abundance of sea life.

2 thoughts on “Snorkeling the Sandy Cays

    • Thanks for following our blog. I’m using an Olympus Tough. They make a small one and a bigger one. This is the bigger one and many thanks to the generous people who bought it for me – a retirement present. I love it.

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