The weather has been perfect.  Warm (almost too hot), light breezes and lots of sun.  The beach along the ocean side of Elbow Cay is a must.


We love walking this beach.  Just to have a walk – and look at the beautiful water.   Every beach is unique:  Hopetown’s has such spectacularly vibrant colors. 


We walk to On Da Beach for chicken souse. 


It’s a favorite of ours.  More than the sum of its parts, no description does it justice – it has to be tried.  Chicken, potatoes and broth spiced just perfectly.  Served with grits and johnny cake.   And a mixture of iced tea and lemonade to quench the thirst.  You have to call in advance to reserve your Sunday morning souse, but it’s well worth it.

Need groceries?  Think about where you park when you shop.  At home, for me, it’s in an underground maze.   Here is where we park when we shop in Hopetown – our dinghy is in the middle of the picture, by the ladder.   The grocery store is right across the sidewalk from the dock.


At the Post Office dock, we found this provocative sign; makes you think.


Let’s go for a dinghy ride.  Outside the harbor entrance is a Sunfish race; and the Abaco dinghies are out. 


We tour the harbor on our way back to the boat. 


So relaxing.P3220972

3 thoughts on “A Day in Hopetown

  1. awww . . . poor widdle babies have to fight for parking! AWESOME! Enjoy every second! So nice you have this adventure again!

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