We were at a mooring in St. Augustine.  Thunderstorms were predicted but – lucky for us – didn’t arrive until we were all fueled, watered, showered and settled.  And after we’d watched dolphins feeding among the moored boats.


It was dark, except for the lights on the Bridge of Lions to our south, and from the shops and restaurants on shore, to our west.


First we heard faint thunder.  Then some light rain.  Then lightning.  It all got progressively louder and more intense.  Lots of lightning, scary thunder and a downpour of rain.  (I squirted some detergent on our little rugs and threw them out onto the cockpit floor so they could wash themselves in the rain.)

Here is the same view; it’s still dark, but with some faraway lightning.


Here is the same view again, taken during a bright lightning flash.


Here it is in the pouring rain – with lightning.


Not a lot of wind – just a brief thundershower.

P.S.  The red thing is a noodle that we put over the lifeline to use as a backrest when we sit in the cockpit.

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