Our daughter Amelia and her husband Grant are here this week – so much fun.   We met them in Marsh Harbor – we arrived via ferry boat, they via jet plane that had to be de-iced before leaving Baltimore.  A runabout we rented for their visit took us all to Hopetown.


Of course, we had to go to Tahiti Beach.  The tide was very low and we found lots of interesting sea life.  Here are sand dollars – these are alive; they turn white when they aren’t.


We found lots of starfish, in many colors:  orange —


It looks like this on the bottom side:


Green —


and in between —


Here is are juvenile conch shells.  I turned the pink one upside down to show the pretty pink shell.


I was taking a picture of it while Amelia held it.  I wanted a pictures of its eyes.


And all of a sudden, I felt something touch my hand – it was the conch inside the shell, reaching out.  Here is the actual conch that lives in the shell.


It’s curled itself around its shell, trying to turn over.


This is a whelk, different from a conch.


A whelk looks like this in the water.


Here’s a baby lobster.


And this is another kind of star fish.


What a great Tahiti Beach day.


5 thoughts on “Fun at Tahiti Beach

  1. What awesome pictures of the sea life. (I was getting the heebie jeebies when the conch was coming out . . . but I am a wuss.) Know you’re having a wonderful journey, and an extra special treat with Amy and Grant. Hey, where’s Crew?
    Love, R&T

  2. Great pictures of the sea life! I never saw a green starfish. So cool. And I never knew the name of the whelk. I have a couple of those shells from our little kid days at Hatteras! Cool.

  3. Oh!! I just love your kids! Great job you two!!! And I’m sitting here in my bed reading all of your posts and sad to see I’m almost to the end. You two are so funny! Makes me want to learn quicker to get out there! Keep having a great time! Do some relaxing for me too!


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