Why are we sitting at a marina in Hopetown?



Because it’s so relaxing.   There is no longer the concern about “the crossing” hanging over us – or reluctant bridge tenders or rolly anchorages or running aground.  We don’t have to commute anyplace or sit through meetings or find a place to park or be on time.  We don’t have to return phone calls or worry if we’re good enough or even look presentable.  And it’s not cold.  There is a definite, palpable, lack of anxiety and worry.


It’s easy here.  Easy because we have power and water – even a laundromat and some groceries.  The marina shuttle boat takes us wherever we want to go.  We can do something or nothing.  And the weather is perfect every day.  But even if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t matter.  No threats; no worries; no hassles; no one expecting anything of us.  Just relaxing. 


We need this for a while.  Really need it.  We need to know we can relax and be happy.   Like many, our lives have been sometimes magic and sometimes tragic.***  So now we are taking a break from our “responsibilities,” from “making a difference,” and from chasing after a bucket list of things to do.  We are happy with our comfortable little boat, some fresh produce once a week when the supply boat comes in, the occasional fruity rum drink, a walk on the beach, and glorious sunsets.  

We will get back to the other stuff later. 

Relax, /ri’laks/ verb: make or become less tense or anxious.

Synonyms: chill, chill out [slang], decompress, de-stress, loosen up, mellow (out), unwind, wind down; unbend; bask, kick back, loll, lounge, repose, rest; bum, dally, dawdle, dillydally, drone, footle, goof (off), hack (around), hang (around or out), idle, laze, loaf, vegetate, veg out, zone out; alleviate, comfort, ease, relieve; calm, compose, cool, quiet, settle; to stop being angry or nervous; to spend time relaxing; to rest and allow yourself to become calm; to idle away; to spend time relaxing and doing nothing; to laze; to relax and enjoy yourself, doing no work; to while away, to spend time in a relaxed way when you have nothing else to do; to lounge around; to wind down, to relax after a period of excitement or worry. To Be At a Dock in Hopetown.

***  Paraphrasing “He Went to Paris”  by Jimmy Buffett.


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