Welcome to Hopetown.


What do we do all day, you may ask?

Of course, there are beaches.  This one is on the ocean side of Elbow Cay, a short walk through town:


Stunning, right?  We love to walk on the beach.


We also try to engage with the local community.  Information about events travels via word-of-mouth and is announced on the morning net each day.  We try to take advantage of them.

Friday night was a gathering of SOTs at the Wine Down Sip Sip, a wine bar.   I love their sign:


(It says:  “I love to cook with wine; sometimes I add it to the food.  Keep Calm & Wine On!”)  The wine bar is a homey place with comfortable furniture, a nice porch and lovely (mostly older) folks who are extremely friendly.

Goldwin and I are now official SOTs, which is not an acronym, but really means a chronic drunkard, the old English definition.  Actually, it’s a great group of Hopetown boaters, islanders and cottagers who, for a small fee, get a card that entitles them to a modest discount at certain restaurants and wine stores.  We were assured that our membership cards could be used as valid photo IDs.   TSA???


Saturday afternoon was the gala art show at the gorgeous, newly renovated and re-decorated  Hummingbird Cottage Art Centre.  My friend Kathy’s husband was a leading, featured artist.  He is truly gifted:  Arnie Casavant.


Sunday was a double feature, with a softball game – players aged 5 to 65 – and everyone had fun.


We ate hotdogs, coleslaw, mac and cheese, and brownies.

Then we walked to the harbor entrance, sat in our favorite chairs there, and watched the dinghy races.


While there, we met some interesting cruisers from Toronto who had just been on the hook for a few days down at Tahiti Beach and were happy to be in Hopetown harbor and have someone, besides themselves, to talk with.  Fun.

So here’s a puzzler:  You’re at Cap’n Jack’s having a Goombay Punch and watching the sun set.  It’s not the most magnificent sunset you’ve ever seen, but you don’t really care because by now you’re on your second Goombay.


You have to use the restroom and are directed to these two keys on the wall.  Which do you choose if you are Nancy?


I finally choose Fifi’s  – which turned out to be the women’s restroom.  Not sure it really mattered, though.  And then, notwithstanding that the Ravens/Broncos game was just in the first quarter, we called the marina shuttle to pick us up and left.  Although if we had stayed for the whole game/double overtimes – innumerable Goombay Punches later – we certainly would have been quite literally notwithstanding(ability).

5 thoughts on “Lots to Do in Hopetown

  1. Being a retired sot sounds like a wonderful life. I would have chosen the fifi’s too, but sounds like neither of us might be wrong. Waiting to hear about the next adventure.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend your day! I’d sure like to sign up. New low last nite: -17!!! we are setting records all over the place and not fun ones. I would have slected FiFi as well because we don’t have doodahs! do we?? :^) And the game was a heart breaker; wish I had been drinking Goonbay Punch to soften the blow.
    PS>Mom traveling home today; weather clear.

  3. Goombay Punch, ahhhh. Now that we are back in Boston and the real world, just the mention of Captain Jack’s makes me smile.
    I am in seach of a Kalik tonight.

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