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  1. Hi, I’m Jeff, and I’m the proud owner of a newly purchased Nicholson 31 SV Wolverine, presently having a hull peel & rudder repair, I’ve been searching for other Nich 31 owners for some time.

  2. Also, could you tell me what color is your Sunbrella Dodger and Mainsail cover, I’d like to swap out my old blue covers with the same.

  3. Hey guys, i would like to talk to you about your boat and your plans going foward
    My name is Ben, i am 33 years old.
    I was here for the hurricane, my allied seawind 30′, crackertail, my home of 7 years, was tied in the mangroves in black sound, she was pushed out by a catamaran and terminally wounded on the seawall at roberts marine, though her 35′ deck stepped mast still stands upright and straight, held only by the running backs and baby stay. The rest of the rigging is there but all the chainplates are sheared off on the seawall side.

    I have been back for almost a month now, to repair a friends holed boat in the yard, ave del mar, and get my boat moved off the seawall and put out to pasture… due to the corona shut down we have been stuck in the yard where i have had much time to admire your boat. In the process i have also rescued and repaired the little 24′ abaco sloop, the green turtle, that languished in white sound for years… the point of all of this is that i am not a salvager per say, i make my living working the trades and doing offshore deliverys, i am not motivated by money (i never have much) but a love of the sea and small boats of your style, full keel, transom hung rudders etc… i dont think your boats days are done. Would you be interested in selling her, and if so how much? Or would you be interested in my mast if we could get her sailing again reasonably cheaply…

    Leverne has told me you are having a hard time with the insurance, let me know if there is any way i can help you in this mess and if there is anything i can do for you while i am here…

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