A point-to-point race on Thursday – delayed one day due to high winds.  But light winds today.  We’re on Rage.


A Class A traditional Bahamian racing sloop built on Man O’ Way Cay, to our north.  All wood, low water-line, lots of sail, no electronics, no hydraulics, no winches.  And beautiful.


Goldwin is helping on the foredeck.  I’m on the forward prie, as always.


Above, is Rage at the start.  And, below, here we are, riding twelve feet high over the Sea of Abaco.  The higher the prie, the bigger the smile.


Sailing – flying – over that gorgeous turquoise water (taken from my precarious perch on the prie).


With light wind, only one person is needed to slide out on each hiking board.    Today, there is a woman on each of the pries – possibly a first.


I’m on the right.  We are diligent about keeping Rage at just the right angle to maximize her speed through the water – the leeward rail at water level.

Far out on the prie, I’m taking a picture of my friend Will, who is always taking pictures of us, including all these amazing pictures, and who runs the mark boat, which sets the marks for the course.



What a way to spend the day – perfect.


So much fun.  P.S.  Happy Birthday, Sandy.

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